* Which Carnatic raaga(s) best characterizes the mood / color of monsoon: rain, thunder, dark clouds, pitter patter sounds, the water dripping of leaves in little droplets, the smell of mud / earth both before and after the rain etc etc

* Which sort of raagams “mix” together, i.e., some raagams sound great sung one after another (Purvi Kalyani and Kedharam and Anandha Bhairavi for example) but other combinations don’t seem to mix well; is it possible to characterize this

* Is it possible to put a “metric” that measures distances between raagas in “raagam” space as opposed to “swaram” space: i.e., some raagas are classified as janyam of say Harikambhoji or Karaharapriya but yet sound so different (they seem to be “close” to each other in swaram space but far apart in “raagam” space).