Although it is a generally agreed fact that classical (or art) music is better than film music, great film music is better than really average classical music. (Side thought: most of raagam, swaram, neraval singing etc has become formulaic; put the feeling back in the classical music, I say. One is unable to find the warm exuberance in an expansive Bilahari or Kambhodhi aalapana and one has to make do with Keda Kari and Beera Beera.) All this is to say Raavanan has a beautiful soundtrack. The exuberance of Beera and Keda Kari are so lovely, so are Usure Poguthe and Kaatu Sirukki. And the absolutely unrestrained, one should say, group dance song: kodu potta.

(Another unrelated thought: I am willing to bet that years later, when (re)evaluating Mani Ratnam’s works, Raavanan will rank higher than OK Kanmani etc.)