The following poem is taken from here:

மொழிவார் மொழிவன
மும்மறையாகும் அயிந்தையில்வந்து
இழிவாரிழிக! என்று
இன்னமுதக் கடலாகிநின்ற
விழிவாரருள் மெய்யர்
மெல்லடிவேண்டிய மெல்லியல்மேல்
— மும்மணிக்கோவை

The God of Love will shower a rain of flower-tipped
arrows from his charming bow
of sugar-cane
at that tender girl who longs for the soft feet
of the God of Truth:
Mercy gushes
from his side-long glances.
He stands here, a sea of sweet nectar,
saying to those who long
to plunge into him: “Come, dive deep!”
He has come to Tiruvahindrapuram,
where those who speak speak
only the essence
of the three
— Vedanta Desika’s Mummanikkovai,
translated by Steven Hopkins