People often talk about authentic pataantharam (loosely translated as musical lineage) having learnt from somebody who in turn learnt from somebody going all the way to Tyagaraja but some people like Abhishek Raghuram are absolutely original geniuses. The cognoscenti tells you that a raagam like Nata Bhairavi is a “scalar” raagam (i.e a raagam where a bunch of notes are simply strung together) as opposed to a rakthi raagam (a raagam where the notes are infused with a lot of feeling, and individual phrases become important and give a hue unique to the raaga) like Saaramathi (a janyam of Nata Bhairavi) but AR refuses to be caged by these consensus built notions. Like Virender Sehwag who rewrote the rules of opening batsmanship, he charts his own brilliant, wild and beautiful path. Listen to the beautiful Nata Bhairavi in this concert where he builds the “rakthi” out of a raagam where people tell you it is a mere “scale”.

I suppose one can add that when musicians who stick to tradition sing, they mainly induce feelings of happiness, satisfaction and peace and when the innovators sing, they tend to induce feelings of excitement, wonder, awe etc;