Who would have thought that the Saveri varnam had lyrics so completely drenched in romantic yearning, and may I add: Why such a “heavy”  raagam like Saveri for expressing such a feeling.

Edit (added later): It looks like most of the varnams have this theme of a longing for a beloved, sadness at separation etc.

(Obtained the lyrics and meaning from this page: http://www.shivkumar.org/music/varnams/sarasuda.htm)

Ragam: Saveri (15th mela janyam)
Talam: Adi
Composer: Kotthavaasal Venkatrama Iyer

Arohanam: S R1 M1 P D1 S Avarohanam: SN2D1 PM1G2R1S

Pallavi: Sarasudaa Ninne Kori Chaalaa Marulu Konnadira
Anupallavi: Girini Velayu Sree Venkateshaa Karunincha Ide Samayamu
Charanam: Daanipai Nenaruna Eevela

Meanings: (done by Dr. Aruna Turaga)
Pallavi: O ardent lover! She is extremely (“chala”) tormented (“marulu konnadi”) because of her longing for you (“ninne kori”).

Anupallavi: O venkatesa! You, who dwell on the pinnacle of the hills (“girini velayu”), please heed that now is the time (“ide samayamu”) to show compassion (“karunincha”).

Charanam: Please show affection (“nenaruna”) on the poor being (“daani pai”) this very instant (“ee vela”).