Looking at this lovely blog which collects books published by the venerable Mir publishers, I cannot help but recall the happy happy days spent browsing books at Moore market in the Chennai Central Railway station. My train from Mangalore would come sometime in the evening and I would spend a couple of hours happily browsing these books. Any teenager madly in love with math and physics would instantly fall in love with the beautiful Mir books published in the Soviet Union. They were like a cross between Schaums outlines and the magnum opus written by the fields’ experts in that they were extremely practical, teaching you how to solve problems while at the same time they somehow managed to convey the beauty and feeling associated with the subject, not to mention that they sometimes had the dry, spare style reminiscent of Rudin’s analysis books, they never contained the colorful terminology of the standard American textbook like the sandwich theorem etc. No glossy paper, no distracting color photographs. Science at its pure best. Of course they were all extremely affordable, one could actually, in those days, get a Mir book for a prize of a good meal in a restaurant and spend many pleasurable hours poring and wondering. Happy memories.