Sometimes, one hears a beautiful song in a concert which is deeply fulfilling. One yearns for more. One wants to hear different versions of the same song but it is so rare that one cannot find it: not many people attempt to sing it. All this is to say is that there is this lovely Kambodhi song Mari Mari Vachchuna of Mysore Vasudevacharya that I heard once by Malladi Suribabu and Malladi brothers, so utterly peaceful. I haven’t heard it since and I am unable to find a recording by anybody else of the song. I have never met Vasudevacharya but from his songs, I somehow imagine him to be a gentle sort of person. His songs are lovely. Also, is it a coincidence that two of the most beautiful (Indian classical) musical autobiographies are written in Kannada. One, Vasudevacharya’s Nenapugalu (my thoughts?) and Mallikarjun Mansur’s Nanna Rasa Yatra (my musical path?).