An interesting new book. Looking forward to reading some of these essays. I have really admired the essays of people like Freeman Dyson and Yuri Manin, not only displaying enormous erudition in math and science, but also a tremendous breadth of knowledge and a range of feeling and understanding in subjects like art, literature, culture and the like, and how all of these things fit together in a humanist sort of way.

From the blurb:

Why are mathematicians drawn to art? How do they perceive it? What motivates them to pursue excellence in music or painting? Do they view their art as a conveyance for their mathematics or an escape from it? What are the similarities between mathematical talent and creativity and their artistic equivalents? What are the differences? Can a theatrical play or a visual image capture the beauty and excitement of mathematics? Some of the world’s top mathematicians are also accomplished artists: musicians, photographers, painters, dancers, writers, filmmakers. In this volume, they share some of their work and reflect on the roles that mathematics and art have played in their lives. They write about creativity, communication, making connections, negotiating successes and failures, and navigating the vastly different professional worlds of art and mathematics.