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The Danes have formed the most content society I have ever had the good fortune to experience. Their democratic values have a shifted focus. In contrast to the United States’ embracing of fierce independence and limitless freedoms in hopes of achieving the American Dream, the Danes have focused instead on stability, community and coziness. There is far less emphasis here in Denmark on personal achievement to beget wealth. There is not as much focus on the accumulation of more and more material goods as a life goal. There is, instead, talk of going to the beach. Or spending a day at Tivoli with the kids. Or biking out to Silkeborg. There are, of course, complaints about the weather. There is never having to say “please” (there is no Danish word for “please”), or make smalltalk when you don’t want to. There is subsidized childcare, a year of paid maternity leave, free education and healthcare for all. Every Dane I interacted with had achieved a quiet dignity, a personal knowledge that, no matter who they were or how much they made, they mattered: they mattered to themselves, to their families, to society, and to their government. Treating everyone as though they matter: maybe, just maybe, that is indeed a recipe for happiness.