Taking a walk at sunset around the neighborhood can be an incredibly beautiful experience. Dusk is a special time. The neighborhood my Aunt lives in Toronto is a multi cultural and multi ethnic neighborhood and a Middle eastern family was sitting outside, cross legged on the lawn and sharing food from a single plate. An eighty year old couple were taking a walk holding hands together, which I found to be incredibly romantic. A mom and her little daughter were also taking a walk, the little girl in her skip hop jump routine that kids seem to favor everywhere. The moon was out in almost full splendor splashing the sky in dazzling white amidst a brilliant blue background. Little kids were playing soccer and softball at the park and their shrieks of joy and laughter reminded one of the true meaning of sport. The traffic lights seemed to acquire a beautiful contrast in the fading daylight and the onset of darkness. It was all very poetic although my rambling explanation is hardly doing justice to the beauty and stillness of the scene.