One of the most beloved and moving short stories in Malayalam by Vaikom Muhammad Basheer. A beautiful translation is available in the book Vintage book of modern Indian literature edited by Amit Chaudhuri. There is something to be said about the Indian vernacular languages. A lot of the culture is shared amongst the states but the languages are different. This gives a different and a distinct feel to reading the stories in English translation. The delicate finery of the short story in Urdu in this aforementioned collection is something one perhaps cannot find in a story written in English. A lot of things are actually “found” in translation: one can sense the freshness and the originality of phrase even though one reads the story in English. I recall reading with delight, the short stories of the Kannada writer Masti. Very beautiful in its simplicity and directness of depiction. I have been meaning to read the short stories of the Telugu writer, Madhurantakam Rajaram.