In the ancient Indian legend of Vikramaditya, the eponymous king goes in search of the Vetaal (ghoul). The Vetaal repeatedly asks the king, why does he leave his kingdom and wife, comfortable life etc and come after the Vetaal to which the king remains silent. This to me, is akin to the little children in the German folktale, The Pied Piper of Hamelin. They are so attracted by his piper’s music and are led by it, mesmerized and hypnotized without knowing the underlying meaning or reason. I similarly find myself drawn to various things, the reasons for which I am unable to pin down. Why do the equations of incompressible fluid dynamics attract me so much? Why am I drawn again and again to the contours of raga Yaman Kalyani? Is it a coincidence that one of my favorite songs in Yaman, Jambupathe, is a personification of Lord Shiva as water/ flowing river? Can this even be answered? Does it even matter?