Sid Vee has a really beautiful explanation on the genius of Rajinikanth.

To know the essence of Rajinikanth, strip him to the bone. Take him away from the camera, remove his make-up, hide his fancy clothes, steal his sunglasses, his cigarette, his chewing gum. Then force him to talk in his second, no third, no fourth language. All this when he’s 61.

And see what he’s got.


Watch the tone, observe the craft of delivery, the exact intonation, the hands pointing at himself strategically – a masterly Wodehousian self deprecation. See the emphasis he puts on certain words, the rustic pronunciation delivered with a naughty punch . Watch those eyes, the quick movements that gauge the audience reaction.

And don’t miss the pauses. Those sensational moments of waiting, where he’s almost toying with us, telling us to laugh a bit more before abruptly jutting in and making us laugh again. Adjusting his modulation accordingly.

Watch how all this comes together in a symphony. All in two minutes. And none of this rehearsed. Watch it again. And again. And realise what a master this man is. (Start at 1:10)