the first one from Max Planck:

“For no man is born with a legal claim to happiness, success and prosperity in life. We must
therefore accept every favourable decision of Providence, each single hour of happiness, as an
unearned gift, one that imposes an obligation. The only thing that we may claim for our own
with absolute assurance, the greatest good that no power in the world can take from us, and that
can give us more permanent happiness than anything else, is integrity of soul, which manifests
itself in a conscientious performance of one’s duty.”

the second one from the Dhammapada, which is such a wonderful book, containing nuggets of information:

Life seems easy for those who are shamelessly bold and self-assertive, crafty and cunning,sensuously selfish,wanton and impure,arrogant and insulting,rotting with corruption.

But Life seems difficult for those who peacefully strive for perfection, who free from self-seeking are not slef-assertive, whose life is pure, who see the light.